Robotics 1
Robotics 1 is a college-level introductory robotics class covering introductory kinematics, digital and analog sensors, machine vision, and feedback control.
- Kinematic Diagrams
- Rotation Matrices
- Displacement Vectors
- Homogeneous Transformation Matrices
- Denavit-Hartenberg
- Sensors
- Cameras and Color
- Background Subtraction
- Coordinate Transformation
- DC Motors Torque/Speed
- Pulse-Width Modulation
- Open-Loop and Feedback Control
- Step Response
- PID Control
- C Programming
- Python Programming
- Soldering
- Breadboarding
- Use of Motor Driver Chip
- Use of a Hall Quadrature Encoder
- Analog to Digital Conversion
- PSoC Microcontrollers
- UART Communication
- Use of an LCD Screen
- OpenCV
Robotics 2
Robotics 2 is a college-level intermediate robotics class covering intermediate kinematics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and feedback control.
- Inverse Kinematics for 6-DoF
- Jacobian Matrices
- Path-Planning and Collision Avoidance
- Parallel Manipulators
- Motion Detection
- Image Masking
- AI Problem Solving and Searching
- Machine Learning
- Image Understanding by Features
- Stepper Motors
- Analytical System Modeling
- Analytical Controller Tuning
- Frequency Response
- Empirical System Modeling
- C Programming
- Python Programming
- Stepper Motors Position and Speed
- Matrix Keypad
- Differential Equation Modeling
RoboGrok is a series of university-level robotics courses that balance theory and practice to turn you into an engineering guru.

Free video lectures cover a wide range of robotics topics common to most university robotics classes. Theory is paired with a set of 'challenges' and a kit of parts that allows you to practice as you learn, and end up building and programming complete robots.
* Grok - From the 1961 Robert Heinlein novel Stranger in a Strange Land.  To internalize, to drink deeply, to thoroughly grasp.