Robotics Parts Kit - $395
Your average University professor thinks that all you need to become a successful engineer is learn how to parrot a bunch of meaningless equations on paper. Your average university professor is WRONG.

You know this is true if you've ever shown up at a new job or internship and realized you have no clue what is going on. You need to put your hands on
real machines and make real stuff actually work.  That's how you learn the MEANING behind the equations, and that is what gives you power.

That's how you become an
engineering guru. Employers know this. That's why so many of my former students have gotten job and internship offers just by carrying around the things they built with this kit.  If you are serious about your engineering dreams, you can't afford not to do this.

The kit includes a PSoC 5 microcontroller, five actuators, and more than 50 other electrical and mechanical parts to construct robot manipulators and devices of many different types and
practice a whole year's worth of University-level robotics knowledge.  This ain't no Lego robots kit.  This kit is only for serious engineering students who want to know what they are doing.

The curriculum is
totally free.  The kit costs $395 plus $10 shipping anywhere in the US, or $100 shipping anywhere else in the world.