Each course on this website was designed as a one-semester (15 weeks) 3-credit class for upper-level undergraduate or beginning graduate University students intent on becoming Engineers.  Each class is built around a culminating hands-on building/programming project known as a 'Final Challenge'.  The Final Challenge requires the student to use all of the knowledge taught in the class.

Each day of the class teaches a single topic using three components: (1) one or more interactive video lectures that teach both theory and application, (2) a quiz that tests the student's understanding of the theory, and (3) a hands-on 'Challenge' that tests the student's understanding of the application.

The videos are all provided for free and are accessible both on this website and on YouTube.  To do the hands-on parts, you will need the parts kit, which can be purchased here.  The parts kit also includes a User ID, which you need in order to take the quizzes and submit the Challenges.

After you have completed all of the content for a class, you should try to complete the 'Final Challenge'.  Examples are given of others who have completed the challenge, and some guidance is provided to help you navigate your way through the tasks.  Also, message boards are provided on each topic page and in the Final Challenge section; as you work through the content, please check others' questions and answers or ask your own questions if you get stuck.

The due dates that appear hovering over each content day only apply to those who are taking the class live at Arizona State University - If you are taking the classes at another school or on your own, these due dates don't apply to you.