Robotics 2
Empirical Modeling - Time Response
To complete this lab activity, make a video that includes the following in one video:

(1) You saying your name
(2) The time response plot from Python
(3) Your calculations finding values for the damping ratio (zeta) and the natural frequency (omega n) for your system
Previously, we have looked at how to find control gains through trial and error.  Today, we start to learn how to find control gains from a system model.  The first step to this process is to find a mathematical model of our system.  One way to do this is from the 'time response' of the system.  In this video, we learn how to obtain a model from the time response.
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Now that we know how a model can be found from a time response, we will collect a time response from our stepper attached to the camera in our object tracking application.
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