Robotics 2
Stepper Motors
To complete this lab activity, make a video that includes the following in one video:

(1) You saying your name
(2) The equation you wrote in PSoC to calculate the delay between steps given a desired velocity
(3) Your stepper turning both directions at the specified velocity, depending on the value of 'direction'

Bonus: if you also include this additional step, I will give you back the point for a missed lab or change your lowest quiz score to 20:
(1) Make your stepper rotate clockwise as long as you are holding down '1' on the keypad, and counter-clockwise as long as you are holding down '2' on the keypad.
This video explains how stepper motors work and why we might choose to use them compared to DC motors and RC servos.
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Link to YouTube Activity Completion Video:
This video leads you through setting up your stepper from the kit and controlling it with a PSoC.  The PSoC shown in the video is a PSoC 4, but everything works exactly the same way with your PSoC 5: just plug the wires in to the corresponding pins on your PSoC 5.
In this video, you will learn how a matrix keypad works, and how to write PSoC code to read the values pressed by a user.
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