Robotics 2
Denavit-Hartenberg Forward Kinematics
In this video, you are introduced to a method called 'Denavit-Hartenberg' for finding the Homogeneous Transformation Matrix for a robot serial manipulator.
In this video, you are given the four rules for assigning frames according to the Denavit-Hartenberg method for forward kinematics.
In this video, you are given the definitions of the four Denavit-Hartenberg parameters, and one complete example of finding the parameters for a 3-degree-of-freedom manipulator.
To complete this lab activity, do the following:
(1) Draw a kinematic diagram for your SCARA manipulator
(2) Find the homogeneous transformation matrix for your SCARA manipulator (which you built in the last section) using the Denavit-Hartenberg method
(3) Plug in some values for Theta 1, Theta 2, and d3 and calculate the position of the end-effector at those values

Make a video that shows:
(1) You saying your name
(2) Your calculations finding the homogeneous transformation matrix
(3) Your SCARA manipulator positioned at the set values of Theta 1, Theta 2, and d3
(4) Show that the actual position of the end-effector matches the calculation (you can position the joints by hand)
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This short video shows you how to get the homogeneous transformation matrix from the Denavit-Hartenberg Parameter Table.
This interactive video will help you check your understanding of assigning Denavit-Hartenberg frames and finding the Denavit-Hartenberg parameter table. 
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